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How to Make a Synthetic Diamond?

How to make Synthetic Diamond?


Diamonds, among the hardest materials in the world,

There are two methods of growing synthetic diamonds, and the process can be completed in as little as two weeks. Both options require a diamond seed
– a single crystal diamond
– from which a larger stone can form.

High Pressure, High Temperature (H.P.H.T.)

Scientists have been synthesizing diamonds for decades, producing the gem-quality stones. The original method was known as high pressure, high temperature, or H.P.H.T., which simulates the crushing force of the earth by applying high temperature and high pressure alongside a metal catalyst to dissolve carbon into a diamond seed. Temperatures can go as high as 3,000 degrees Celsius, or more than 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (C.V.D)

Chemical vapor deposition, a newer process, uses low pressure and smaller machines, an approach that is easier for scientists to control and monitor. As a result, C.V.D. is increasingly favored over H.P.H.T., particularly for the jewelry market. It uses a vacuum chamber that is filled with hydrogen and methane to provide the source of carbon. The gas is turned into a plasma at extremely high temperatures, releasing carbon pieces, which are then layered onto a diamond seed in the vacuum chamber. The process is not dissimilar to 3-D printing.

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7 Steps to Get Best Possible Diamonds

7 Steps to Get Best Possible Diamonds

7 Steps to Get Best Possible Diamonds

Follow below steps to get best quality diamonds for your precise jewelry

  • Choose your Carat Weight Range
  • Choose your Diamond Shape
  • Choose the Cut Quality
  • Choose the Ideal Color Grade
  • Choose the Optimal Clarity Grade
  • Make Smart Choices about Fluorescence, Polish & Symmetry
  • Choose the Right Certificate

Choose your Carat Weight Range

carat weight is of supreme importance because this is what will primarily determine the size of the diamond you buy.

carat weight has the greatest effect on a diamond’s price.

Choose your Diamond Shape

diamond is what diamond shape is people expecting?. shape can affect a loose diamond’s price. All else being equal, round brilliant loose diamonds cost more than the other shapes.

The round certified diamonds have a much lower yield-from-rough than the other shapes.

Choose the Cut Quality

Cut Quality will also have a notable effect on the price of a diamond. Choosing a cut quality can be tricky, however, since cut grades are not standardized at all across the different vendors.

Choose the Ideal Color Grade

Diamond’s Clarity, a Diamond’s Color has a serious effect on both a diamond’s appearance and price. For recommendations as to the best color to choose for the best value, see our article about diamond color.

Choose the Optimal Clarity Grade

Clarity not in terms of a sliding scale of grades, but as a binary grade. You’re better off buying the lowest possible clarity grade that is still clean to the naked eye and using the money you saved to either buy yourself a larger diamond or a diamond with a higher color.

Make Smart Choices about Fluorescence, Polish & Symmetry

These will also affect a stone’s value (but not necessarily its appearance) to some degree.

Choose the Right Certificate

You should consider only IGI Certified Diamonds in your search for a loose diamond.

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Should I Buy Without Certificate Diamond?

Should I Buy Without Certificate Diamond?

Ridhi (6)

A Certificate is Like a Blueprint to Your Diamond. At times when you have to leave your jewelry with someone else, the certificate offers details that can help you identify your diamond. Besides, a proper lab report from either AGS or GIA will give you assurance that you are getting exactly what is stated in the report.

An Official Document That Can Be Used for Insurance Purposes

Consumers who intend to buy jewelry insurance can use the grading report as an objective assessment of its quality.

A Must-Have Should The Need to Sell Arises

Even though most people romantically believe that a diamond is going to have an external position among the family jewels, situations might arise where you have to sell off your jewelry. Naturally, you would expect a fair amount of money for your diamond.

Protecting Yourself From Scammy Jewelers

There do exist jewelers in the industry who are out to rip uneducated consumers off. Many times, I had heard jewelers telling me that a GIA certificate is just a marketing gimmick and I could save costs by buying “ungraded” diamonds instead.

Why a Grading Report Isn’t Easy to be Replaced Later On?

I know a lot of consumers try to game the system by trying to be “too smart” for their own good. It might be tempting to pay seemingly lower prices for an uncertified diamond and have it sent to a 3rd party grading lab at a later time. This entire process is not only lengthy but also costly when you have to factor in shipping and lab fees.

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How Is Carat Weight Calculated?

How Is Carat Weight Calculated?Loose Diamonds Collection

Carat Weight

Carat weight, abbreviated to ct, is that the unit of measure accustomed establish the load of a diamond. it’s arguably the characteristic that has the most largest impact on the value of a diamond.

The term “carat” stretches back to precedent days once carob seeds were used as a unit of measure because of their consistent weight of zero.20g.

Carat weight will clearly have an effect on however giant a diamond appearance however that it’s not what it’s measure. Another vital distinction to form is that the distinction between carat and carat. Carat refers to crystal weight whereas carat refers to gold purity.

How is Carat Weight Calculated?

To calculate the carat weight of a diamond, a gemologist can weigh the stone exploitation extremely correct diamond scales. Carat weight is measured to the thousandth of a carat and rounded to the closest one hundredth.

Should you calculate your diamonds carat weight yourself, you have options like :

Weigh the diamond in grams and divide it by zero.2. as an example, if your diamond weighs zero.2 grams, dividing this by zero.2 implies that you diamond weighs 1ct.

diamond carat calculator is straightforward to use. it’s a fast tool that needs you to input data on your diamond:

  • Shape
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

In one press of a button, you’ll run an on the spot estimation of your diamond’s carat weight.

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Buy Lab Grown Diamonds For Your Precise Jewelry

Buy Lab Grown Diamonds For Your Precise Jewelry

Three round cut diamonds.jpg

Lab grown diamonds

Many of us do not know much about lab grown diamonds- the first thought about this may be that the diamonds may be artificial. This is not so. Lab grown diamonds are produced in the same way as natural diamonds and are of the same (or even better) quality than the mined diamonds. lab Grown diamonds are currently a rather new concept, which many people do not understand yet. At Riddhi Corporation, we want to change the myths related to lab grown diamonds.

0.71 Carat Round shape diamonds.jpg

Uniqueness of lab grown diamonds

  • Lab grown diamonds are optically, physically and chemically similar to mined diamonds. In fact, they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds for the naked eye. Special equipments are required to differentiate between mined and lab grown diamonds
  • Mined diamonds generally consist of imperfections within them. These can be traces of other materials or stone within the diamond. However, lab grown diamonds do not have such imperfections.
  • Many rare colored gems which are not easily found in mines can be produced with the best qualities in a lab. This includes pink, green, red and yellow diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds Collection.jpg

How lab grown diamond being valued?

As mentioned earlier, Lab grown diamonds are the same as mined ones. That’s why they are valued in the same way mined diamonds are. They are cut, planned and polished to perfection just like mined diamonds. In fact, they are much cheaper than mined diamonds and are free from controversies of climate change and unethical sourcing that mined diamonds are famous for.

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Pure Carbon Man Made Diamonds Make Perfectness Quality

Pure Carbon Man Made Diamonds Make Perfectness Quality

Diamonds Of Riddhi Corporation.jpg

Diamonds have always fascinated us for centuries. Earlier, only the rich and powerful could afford them, but now it has become ubiquitous with diamond or platinum jewellery. Although they cannot be considered as a rare material, credit goes to the marketing and advertising strategy of the DeBeers group who popularized diamond rings as a way for a man to show his love for his (to be) wife. The diamonds found naturally are not always the ones you see in movies- they contain many inclusions which affect its luster and shine, man made diamonds on the other hand are flawless and of much better quality than natural mined diamonds.

Man made diamonds- Perfect for Jewelry

Have you seen how beautiful diamond jewellery looks?

diamond ring

Yes, the wearer of the jewellery actually becomes the star of the evening. The diamonds used in the jewellery sparkle and shine to give a magnificent appearance, complementing the design of the clothes of the wearer. Generally, the diamonds used on the jewellery tend to be mined diamonds, which are expensive and not easily available. However, this is soon going to change.

Manmade diamonds, produced in the laboratory environment are soon gaining market share and are on the path to replace mined diamonds. These diamonds are cheaper and of much better quality than mined diamonds. The problem is, the producers of manmade diamonds have not reached the scale needed to compete with mined diamonds.

How man made diamonds are better than mined diamonds

Many of you may say that man made diamonds are ‘artificial’, but this is far from the truth. Man made diamonds are physically, chemically and optically similar to mined diamonds, in fact, these diamonds are produced in a way that mimics the way mined diamonds have formed deep in the Earth’s crust. This way, manmade diamonds are produced with better specs and lesser to virtually no inclusions of other minerals or other materials in the diamond.

In fact, recent news reports suggest that toxic air is being collected in China which will eventually be used to make diamonds.

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Collection Of Lab Grown Diamond – GIA Certified

Collection Of Lab Grown Diamond – GIA CertifiedMan Made Diamonds.jpg

We all love diamonds. These shiny stones look awesome as pieces of jewelry on your body. We all know that diamonds come from mines, but did you know that there is even better quality lab grown diamonds available? These diamonds are physically, optically and chemically similar to mined diamonds, the only difference being that they are produced in a lab.

There are 2 ways in which lab grown diamonds are made-

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) – This process imitates the way diamonds are produced naturally.  A carbon ‘seed’ is placed in a press which is specially made and is given a high pressure with high temperature of about 1400 Degrees Celsius to produce high quality diamonds which can be used either for jewellery manufacturing or industrial uses.

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamonds – Developed in the 1980s, the CVD procedure does not require pressure, instead, it involves the heating of a mixture of hydrocarbon gas (generally methane) and hydrogen in a vacuum of extremely low pressures. The resultant diamonds are free from any chemical inclusions or other impurities.

CVD Diamonds

Benefits of Buying Lab grown diamonds-

  1. It’s an exciting new trend- Although Lab grown diamonds have been around since decades, it was only in the recent years that their popularity has skyrocketed. It is the latest trend amongst all stakeholders in the diamond industry, whether you are diamond jewellery manufacturer or an industrial user of diamonds
  2. Low costs- Lab grown diamonds are much cheaper than traditional mined diamonds- you can save about 10-30% costs with a lab grown diamond vis-à-vis a mined diamond. This is making lab grown diamond ever more popular amongst the masses.
  3. No worry of unethical manufacturing practices- Lad grown diamonds do not carry the baggage of unethical mining practices which are associated with mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment and are not subject to chances of human trafficking and funding of civil unrest as is the case with mined diamonds.

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GIA Certified HPHT Diamonds For Sale

GIA Certified HPHT Diamonds For Sale

Riddhi Corporation HPHT Diamonds.jpg

There are two ways in which lab grown diamonds are produced. High Pressure High Temperature or HPHT diamonds are produced mimicking nature. Carbon is exposed to high temperatures in excess of 1400 Degrees Celcius and given high pressure to get diamonds that are of much better quality than mined diamonds. The other way diamonds are lab produced is through the Chemical Vapour Deposition process or CVD where methane and hydrogen are heated in a vacuum chamber at extremely low pressures. This results in the formation of diamonds which are free from any chemical inclusions or other impurities.

Why should I buy HPHT diamonds?

Even though HPHT diamonds are made in the lab they are technically diamonds. They are optically, physically and chemically characterized as diamonds. Except with professional help, it is impossible to make out the difference between lab created HPHT diamonds and mined diamonds. The cherry on the cake is that these lab produced diamonds are much cheaper than their mined counterparts.

Lab Grown Diamonds.jpg

HPHT diamonds


  • HPHT diamonds are ‘true’ diamonds, i.e. they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds.
  • They are cheaper than mined diamonds
  • HPHT diamonds are of the best quality available- They are of much better quality than mined diamonds


  • HPHT diamonds tend to be magnetic
  • These stones can show hints of colour from the side on close inspection.
  • Many times these stones are mis sold as high quality diamonds to command a better price.

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HPHT CVD Diamond – Lab Grown Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Man Made Diamond

HPHT CVD DIamonds – Lab Grown Diamonds

We deal HPHT/CVD Rough and Polished diamond HPHT/CVD Diamond are grown in a situation created in laboratory.HPHT CVD Diamonds.jpg

HPHT diamonds/CVD diamonds

Diamonds are pure carbon. Ever since this was discovered in 1797, many people have tried to produce diamonds artificially but the real breakthrough came in 1955, when General Electric managed to produce a lab grown diamond using a revolutionary Super Pressure Project which helps to produce diamonds. Ever since there has been a gradual growth in the production of  lab grown diamonds, 90% of which have industrial uses. Currently, diamonds are produced using two techniques- HPHT and CVD diamonds

HPHT diamonds

The High Pressure High Temperature process imitates the way diamonds are formed naturally. A carbon ‘seed’ is put in a specially designed press where it is given high pressure and  a high temperature of about 1400 Degrees Celsius  is used to form colourless and high quality diamonds which can then be used for industrial use and the jewellery industry.

Currently there are three main ways HPHT diamonds are made-

  • The Belt Press
  • The Cubic Press
  • The BARS apparatus

Of these, the Russian designed BARS apparatus is the most popular. It consists of a ceramic cylindrical ‘synthesis capsule’ which is placed in 8 steel anvils. The whole apparatus is then locked and oil is added which is heated, giving pressure which ultimately leads into the creation of a diamond.Hpht diamonds (2).jpg

CVD diamonds

Chemical Vapour Deposition diamonds do not require pressure, unlike HPHT diamonds.  This system was developed in the 1980s. This process involves the heating of a mixture of hydrocarbon gas (generally methane) and hydrogen in a vacuum chamber at extreme low pressures. This results in the formation of diamonds which are free of any chemical inclusions or other impurities.

These technologies are helping the introduction of lab grown diamonds to the jewelry and other allied industries which traditionally used mined diamonds. We hope to see a day where the sale of lab grown diamonds exceeds that of mined diamonds.

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Browse and Select Colorless and Beautiful Lab Grown Diamonds, Lab Created Diamond, Man Made Diamond

Browse and Selection of Colorless and Beautiful Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made DiamondsLabgrowndiamoand.JPG

All young men wish to cool down someday or another. Everybody appearance forward to the time they will pay with their honey, with none quite difference encompassing their lives. The utilization of blood or strip-mined diamonds is very arguable, however simply ignored; on the opposite hand, pure carbon science lab grown diamonds square measure difference free. How? Browse below to grasp additional.

Sumit Naagar is happy. He’s aiming to propose to his semi permanent girlfriend any time shortly.” The time has come back.” he says, as he goes through varied diamond band choices in a chic salesroom in South Delhi,” I’m able to cool down.” Like Sumit, thousands of men across the globe explore for the simplest diamond band. However why ought to associate band contain a diamond?” Diamonds complete the ring, while not the diamond, the ring cannot be counted as associate engagement ring”, explains Sumit.

Sumit isn’t alone. Like him, ample men across the globe like diamond rings to exchange with their partners for his or her engagement ceremonies. All of this can be attributable to a massively in promoting campaign commissioned by the DeBeers cluster, the South Africa primarily based leading diamond manual laborer.

In the Thirties, once the primary war, the demand for diamonds plummeted; folks simply weren’t curious about them. Traditionally, diamond jeweler was the exclusive forte of the made and powerful. Returning to the Thirties, this was the time of the nice Depression, wherever everybody was suffering because of the excesses of war. N.W.Ayer, the promoting agency employed by the DeBeers cluster, started the same campaign once the war educating young men and ladies and stating the importance of a diamond band.

The campaign worked wonders, and therefore the trend of diamond engagement rings continues until date. However here’s the catch.  The sale of blood diamonds has given the $16 billion diamond business a foul name. In West and Southern Africa, contraband diamond mining has funded rebel teams that square measure distasteful against internationally-recognized Governments. These ‘blood diamonds’ eventually land in glitzy showrooms close to you, instigating war, kid labor and slavery within the method. On the opposite hand, strip-mined diamonds conjointly produce an out sized carbon footprint on the setting within the kind of pollution and ecological injury throughout mining.

LGD Logo Final (1).jpg

The solution? Pure Carbon imitation diamonds made in a very science lab. They’re physically, optically and with chemicals just like strip-mined diamonds their variations solely visible with the assistance of specialized instrumentation. These science lab full-grown diamonds square measure free from all the blemishes and insertions that strip-mined diamonds have, besides being less expensive than strip-mined diamonds.

Even though such associate possibility is offered, there’s a scarcity of awareness among consumers concerning it. Several science lab created diamond firms square measure currently serving to young men accept the setting before shopping for this huge investment for his or her admired ones. Want a diamond ring? Do search the web before shopping for any diamond ring.

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