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Top 5 Buying Mistake of Diamods

Top 5 Buying Mistake of Diamods

Top 5 Buying Mistake of Diamods.jpg

Before buying diamonds go and follow below steps to aware of mistake.

  • Deciding to Quickly :-  Rash choices seldom bring happy results, and diamond shopping for is not any exception. Remember, this can be possibly a bit of bijou you (or a worshipped one) can wear for the remainder of your life! whereas you will have a brief time frame to settle on your diamond, don’t purchase the primary one you look into simply to own the acquisition complete. Take it slow, look into totally different designs and value points, and provides serious thought to the diamond that matches your wants and budget.
  • Choosing the price over the quality :- Going with an inexpensive diamond is one in every of the simplest ways in which to finish up with buyer’s rue. Either it’s not the color or clarity you needed, or it isn’t the dimensions you most well-liked. Taking the time to review your decisions ought to modify you to seek out a stunning, beaming diamond among or on the brink of your budget.
  • Buying Online :-  Diamonds are one in all a form and their true brilliance will solely be older face to face. Fly by night jewelers on the online might swear you’re receiving a prime quality diamond, however are you really? And wherever can they be if you break a projection or want the ring maintained? value more highly to do business with a honorable, brick and mortar jeweler, even though it prices a bit additional. Your piece of mind is worthwhile.
  • Failing to get educated before hand :- You don’t need to be a gemologist, however do a bit analysis regarding diamond quality ahead therefore you’re acquainted with the terms color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This intel goes an extended manner toward creating a sensible and enlightened call, and not obtaining cursed a coffee quality stone.
  • Thinking all diamonds are a like :- Every diamond is exclusive, and therefore the evaluation and appearance depend upon the various quality parts. speech communication “ooh they need a 1 carat diamond for $3000” means that very little if the diamond is deeply blemished and uninteresting yellow. Understanding this keeps you on the road to owning and carrying a beautiful diamond which will delight you.

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HPHT/CVD Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

JSK Las Vegas 2018 Show 1 June to 4 June

JSK Las Vegas 2018 Show 1 June to 4 JuneExibition at Lasvgas.jpg

JCK Las Vegas is the leading gems and jewelry events in North America open to all diamond jewelry professionals.

JCK Las Vegas will once again return to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino next June 1-4, 2018 with more visitors to the new prestigious Pavilion.

We are aiming to spread awareness about the benefits of diamonds. A expo is being held in JCK Las Vegas between June 1 to 4. meet us there at Booth No. B30184 We’ll be waiting for you.

JSk Las Vegas 

Date: June 1-4, 2018

Location: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119

More about Us

Riddhi Corporation, have been a pioneer in producing lab grown diamonds since 2014. We have a dedicated Research and Development department of specialists which was set up 11 years ago and which has set itself a target of growing diamonds up to 50 carats within 1 year.

We always strive to ensure that our diamonds are of consistent quality. Currently, we sell both raw and polished lab grown diamonds. Additionally, we are also in the business of manufacturing jewelry only on order basis.

We are constantly engaging with concerned businesses across the world to switch to lab grown diamonds. The Hong Kong Diamonds, Gems & Pearl Show helped us gain a lot of insight in the current market scenario in Gems and Diamonds across the world. It was a pleasure meeting innumerable delegates and businessmen from across Asia and the world. We were approached by many people. We too approached and met with a number of businessmen who were keen to know more about man-made diamonds.

HPHT/CVD Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

What We Choose To Get Best Diamonds

What We Choose To Get Best Diamonds?Riddhi Banner

Some time we confused to buy lab grown diamonds, lab created diamonds etc. for what we choose so here we listed steps to remove your doubts.


carat weight is of supreme importance as a result of this can be what is going to primarily confirm the dimensions of the diamond you get. carat weight has the best impact on a diamond’s value.


when buying a diamond is what diamond shape is you expecting? The answer to this question is purely a matter of aesthetics. There’s no calculation you can make that will tell you what you want. Choose most common shapes


Cut Quality will also have a notable effect on the price of a diamond. Choosing a cut quality may be difficult, however, since cut grades aren’t standardized in the least across the various vendors.

Also, you would like and what form it ought to be, you would like to make your mind up on the Cut Quality.


More thus than a Diamond’s Clarity, Diamond’s Color features a serious result on each a diamond’s look and value. For recommendations on the simplest color to decide on for the simplest worth, see our article regarding diamond color.


As against Color and Carats, favor relying on Clarity not in terms of a wage scale of grades, however as a binary grade. What I mean by this could be that everyone I care regarding once evaluating clarity is whether or not or not or not a loose diamond is clean to the attention.


You should consider GIA, IGI Certified Diamonds in your search for a loose diamond.

HPHT/CVD Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

What is Lab Grown Diamonds and Where to Buy?

What is Lab Grown Diamonds and Where to Buy?


There are many different name of Lab Grown Diamonds is Man made diamonds, lab created diamonds, culture diamonds and synthetic diamonds. There is highly basically grown nature process of laboratory in a couple of week. Diamonds that are chemically, physically, optically, identically to naturally mined diamonds.

Technology to grow diamonds in lab. its success of diamonds are used specifically in jewelry industry. Market says that lab grown diamonds are superior to 98% of earth mined diamonds. it has better quality with earth mined diamonds. They are conflict free natural diamonds. it less pollution and better environmentally. Lab grown diamonds are categorized as either High pressure high temperature of chemical vapor deposition diamonds. Depends on methods

At Riddhi Corporation We provides lab made diamonds Chemical vapor deposition technology. We have wide range of diamonds 1+ Categories. All our diamonds are IGI Certified.

Nowadays we are at HKTDC Gems and jewelry Pearl show 2018. We have show many various diamonds shapes and size. The Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show is a highly specialized trading platform which concentrates on raw materials. Buyers are able to source loose diamonds, semi-precious stones and pearls in a professional environment.

To find more you can visit at our booth No. 10E – 26. It held from 27 February to 3 March 2018.

Event Dates and Times

  • 27 FEBRUARY 2018 (Tue) 10:30 AM
  • 28 FEBRUARY 2018 (Wed) 10:00 AM
  • 01 MARCH 2018 (Thu) 10:00 AM
  • 02 MARCH 2018 (Fri) 10:00 AM
  • 03 MARCH 2018 (Sat) 10:00 AM

Visit Official Website: – http://www.labgrowndiamoand.com

You can find here our live images

Asia World Expo Hong Kong.jpg

Hong Kong Diamonds And Jewelry Gems.jpg

So hurry Up. Dont miss to chance to get new verity in diamonds, gems etc.

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5 Way to Check The Quality Of Your Diamonds – Riddhi Corporation

5 Way to Check The Quality Of Your Diamonds – Riddhi CorporationQuality Of Diamonds.JPG

Diamonds come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes. All lab grown diamonds man made diamonds and cvd diamonds characteristics make them unique. and Choose the best diamond to purchase.

Let check the 5 way to check quality of your diamonds

  • Carat weight of your diamonds :- Carat weight is actually the foremost objective of all the 4Cs. A digital scale measures a diamonds carat weight. And weight is usually related to the standard and worth of a diamond. Always think about the 4Cs, and not merely the burden once checking the standard of your diamond.
  • Color Quality of Diamonds :- The color quality of your diamond have a large impact on its price. the proper diamond is colorless, and any hint of color makes a massive distinction within the quality of your diamond. As you progress down the color scale, tinges of yellow or brown seem within the stones, and this colored tint reduces the worth and quality unless that color is judged to be a ‘fancy color’, sort of a canary or the last word in rarity, a red diamond. A diamond’s color quality is assessed employing a twenty three color grading scale starting from D to Z. every letter corresponds with 5 subcategories of color quality.
  • Clarity Rating Of Your Diamonds :- The clarity rating is one of the another element to understand. Diamond clarity characteristics square measure hierarchic whereas the diamond is being examined below 10x magnification. The clarity quality is then indicated employing a clarity scale with eleven clarity grades. And these grades square measure necessary for you to know.
  • Cut Quality of Your Diamonds : – The cut quality of your diamond is of aesthetic importance. A well-cut diamond dazzles, as each angle and side of your diamond interacts with lightweight fantastically. For spherical diamonds, the cut quality is fairly objective, however decision making cut quality of fancy form stones (any form aside from a round) may be a bit additional subjective.
    • The Perfect three Optical effect making your diamonds stunning
      • Brightness
      • Fire
      • Scintillation
    • The cut of a diamond is commonly confused with its distinctive, beautiful form. whereas cut is said to form,
  • Diamond Certification :- A diamond certification is documentation of a diamond’s quality by a 3rd party. this can be not a certification by the diamond emptor or vendor. These became more and more vital because of diamond scams. Diamond certificates feature various security features to ensure they are original. Graded System like GIA, IGI, AGS, HRD, EGL etc…

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Eco Frindly Diamond, HPHT/CVD Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

Top 3 Reason to Buy Lab Created Diamonds – Riddhi Corporation

Top 3 Reason to Buy Lab Created Diamonds – Riddhi Corporation

Top 3 Reason to Buy Lab Created Diamonds - Riddhi Corporation
Top 3 Reason to Buy Lab Created Diamonds – Riddhi Corporation

Lab diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for their eco-friendly characteristic and stunning look.

Lab Created Diamonds are made using advanced technologies process that replicate in which diamonds develop in nature. and Execute same optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

There are Top 3 reason to buy lab created diamonds

  1. Ethical Sources :-  Lab created diamonds are eco friendly and conflict free. They are ethically grown and minimal environment impact and require no mining. We mined according to our conflict free diamonds. and lab diamonds are specially eco friendly choice.
  2. Value :- Lab diamonds usually cost about 30% less than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. In addition to lab diamonds jewelry ring is offers great value and make for an excellent gifts.
  3. Beauty : Lab diamonds have same physical, chemical and optical properties same as mined diamonds they offer same beauty as mined diamonds. Lab diamonds created in high pressure and high temperature that reproduce the condition in the earth crust. In addition to sparkling white diamonds. you will find lab created diamonds in fancy colors that are very rare in nature.

Lab Created Diamonds Jewellery

Lab created diamonds are nit sought after for engagement ring. But they are also beautiful in best of jewelry. You can find best lab diamonds jewelry.

Certified Lab Created Diamonds

Certified Lab Created Diamonds
Certified Lab Created Diamonds

Our Specialization

We specialize in Carat plus sizes from +1 Carat to +5 Carats all shapes and sizes. Whenever you have any requirement for diamonds, you can always of preserving the environment by buying Lab Grown Diamonds which are of much better quality than mined ones and causes no harm to environment or society and posses same properties as the Natural Mined Diamonds.

Visit Our Official Website :- http://www.labgrowndiamoand.com

Inquire :- sales@labgrowndiamoand.com

Call : +91-2612550073


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The Best Places to Purchase Lab Grown Synthetic Diamonds from New York City United States

The Best Places to Purchase Lab Grown Synthetic Diamonds from New York City United States
Diamonds Wholeselllers

What are synthetic diamonds?

The first thing that will come to your mind is that synthetic diamonds may mean ‘artificial diamonds’ which are not real. However, this is nothing but lies. Synthetic diamonds or lab grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment mimicking that of natural diamonds. Thus they are true diamonds, but they are ‘man-made’ and thus not naturally occurring.

How to identify synthetic diamonds?

Identifying the difference between real and synthetic diamonds is next to impossible, unless you have thousands of dollars to spare for specialized equipment that can distinguish between the two. This is because both synthetic and mined diamonds are 100% carbon and both can be classified as true diamonds.

IGI Diamonds Collection

As there is no way a novice customer is able to differentiate between mined or synthetic diamonds, the GIA certificate for synthetic diamonds comes with a special indication of the same on its certificate. For many people,  a diamond is a diamond, whether naturally mined or synthetic. If others,  a natural diamond is worth much more than a synthetic diamond.

Currently, there are a few companies who have started laser tagging their diamonds to distinguish the synthetic from the naturals, but these companies are few and far between.

In the end, if you want to know if a diamond is synthetic or not, there isn’t any way to do so.

What are the best places to purchase synthetic diamonds for jewelry?

There is no set place where you can get synthetic diamonds- currently in India there aren’t dedicated retailers who sell synthetic diamond products(of which I know of). However if you do desire to get man made diamonds directly from the manufacturer, you can contact  who manufacture and sell lab grown diamonds, lab created diamonds in India.Lab Grown Diamonds

Once you get these diamonds, you can contact your local goldsmith or jewellery shop who can then make for you customized diamond jewellery according to your tastes.

HPHT/CVD Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

Collection Of Lab Grown Diamond – GIA Certified

Collection Of Lab Grown Diamond – GIA CertifiedMan Made Diamonds.jpg

We all love diamonds. These shiny stones look awesome as pieces of jewelry on your body. We all know that diamonds come from mines, but did you know that there is even better quality lab grown diamonds available? These diamonds are physically, optically and chemically similar to mined diamonds, the only difference being that they are produced in a lab.

There are 2 ways in which lab grown diamonds are made-

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) – This process imitates the way diamonds are produced naturally.  A carbon ‘seed’ is placed in a press which is specially made and is given a high pressure with high temperature of about 1400 Degrees Celsius to produce high quality diamonds which can be used either for jewellery manufacturing or industrial uses.

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamonds – Developed in the 1980s, the CVD procedure does not require pressure, instead, it involves the heating of a mixture of hydrocarbon gas (generally methane) and hydrogen in a vacuum of extremely low pressures. The resultant diamonds are free from any chemical inclusions or other impurities.

CVD Diamonds

Benefits of Buying Lab grown diamonds-

  1. It’s an exciting new trend- Although Lab grown diamonds have been around since decades, it was only in the recent years that their popularity has skyrocketed. It is the latest trend amongst all stakeholders in the diamond industry, whether you are diamond jewellery manufacturer or an industrial user of diamonds
  2. Low costs- Lab grown diamonds are much cheaper than traditional mined diamonds- you can save about 10-30% costs with a lab grown diamond vis-à-vis a mined diamond. This is making lab grown diamond ever more popular amongst the masses.
  3. No worry of unethical manufacturing practices- Lad grown diamonds do not carry the baggage of unethical mining practices which are associated with mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment and are not subject to chances of human trafficking and funding of civil unrest as is the case with mined diamonds.

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Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

HPHT CVD Diamond – Lab Grown Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Man Made Diamond

HPHT CVD DIamonds – Lab Grown Diamonds

We deal HPHT/CVD Rough and Polished diamond HPHT/CVD Diamond are grown in a situation created in laboratory.HPHT CVD Diamonds.jpg

HPHT diamonds/CVD diamonds

Diamonds are pure carbon. Ever since this was discovered in 1797, many people have tried to produce diamonds artificially but the real breakthrough came in 1955, when General Electric managed to produce a lab grown diamond using a revolutionary Super Pressure Project which helps to produce diamonds. Ever since there has been a gradual growth in the production of  lab grown diamonds, 90% of which have industrial uses. Currently, diamonds are produced using two techniques- HPHT and CVD diamonds

HPHT diamonds

The High Pressure High Temperature process imitates the way diamonds are formed naturally. A carbon ‘seed’ is put in a specially designed press where it is given high pressure and  a high temperature of about 1400 Degrees Celsius  is used to form colourless and high quality diamonds which can then be used for industrial use and the jewellery industry.

Currently there are three main ways HPHT diamonds are made-

  • The Belt Press
  • The Cubic Press
  • The BARS apparatus

Of these, the Russian designed BARS apparatus is the most popular. It consists of a ceramic cylindrical ‘synthesis capsule’ which is placed in 8 steel anvils. The whole apparatus is then locked and oil is added which is heated, giving pressure which ultimately leads into the creation of a diamond.Hpht diamonds (2).jpg

CVD diamonds

Chemical Vapour Deposition diamonds do not require pressure, unlike HPHT diamonds.  This system was developed in the 1980s. This process involves the heating of a mixture of hydrocarbon gas (generally methane) and hydrogen in a vacuum chamber at extreme low pressures. This results in the formation of diamonds which are free of any chemical inclusions or other impurities.

These technologies are helping the introduction of lab grown diamonds to the jewelry and other allied industries which traditionally used mined diamonds. We hope to see a day where the sale of lab grown diamonds exceeds that of mined diamonds.

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Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond, Synthetic Diamond

Browse and Select Colorless and Beautiful Lab Grown Diamonds, Lab Created Diamond, Man Made Diamond

Browse and Selection of Colorless and Beautiful Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made DiamondsLabgrowndiamoand.JPG

All young men wish to cool down someday or another. Everybody appearance forward to the time they will pay with their honey, with none quite difference encompassing their lives. The utilization of blood or strip-mined diamonds is very arguable, however simply ignored; on the opposite hand, pure carbon science lab grown diamonds square measure difference free. How? Browse below to grasp additional.

Sumit Naagar is happy. He’s aiming to propose to his semi permanent girlfriend any time shortly.” The time has come back.” he says, as he goes through varied diamond band choices in a chic salesroom in South Delhi,” I’m able to cool down.” Like Sumit, thousands of men across the globe explore for the simplest diamond band. However why ought to associate band contain a diamond?” Diamonds complete the ring, while not the diamond, the ring cannot be counted as associate engagement ring”, explains Sumit.

Sumit isn’t alone. Like him, ample men across the globe like diamond rings to exchange with their partners for his or her engagement ceremonies. All of this can be attributable to a massively in promoting campaign commissioned by the DeBeers cluster, the South Africa primarily based leading diamond manual laborer.

In the Thirties, once the primary war, the demand for diamonds plummeted; folks simply weren’t curious about them. Traditionally, diamond jeweler was the exclusive forte of the made and powerful. Returning to the Thirties, this was the time of the nice Depression, wherever everybody was suffering because of the excesses of war. N.W.Ayer, the promoting agency employed by the DeBeers cluster, started the same campaign once the war educating young men and ladies and stating the importance of a diamond band.

The campaign worked wonders, and therefore the trend of diamond engagement rings continues until date. However here’s the catch.  The sale of blood diamonds has given the $16 billion diamond business a foul name. In West and Southern Africa, contraband diamond mining has funded rebel teams that square measure distasteful against internationally-recognized Governments. These ‘blood diamonds’ eventually land in glitzy showrooms close to you, instigating war, kid labor and slavery within the method. On the opposite hand, strip-mined diamonds conjointly produce an out sized carbon footprint on the setting within the kind of pollution and ecological injury throughout mining.

LGD Logo Final (1).jpg

The solution? Pure Carbon imitation diamonds made in a very science lab. They’re physically, optically and with chemicals just like strip-mined diamonds their variations solely visible with the assistance of specialized instrumentation. These science lab full-grown diamonds square measure free from all the blemishes and insertions that strip-mined diamonds have, besides being less expensive than strip-mined diamonds.

Even though such associate possibility is offered, there’s a scarcity of awareness among consumers concerning it. Several science lab created diamond firms square measure currently serving to young men accept the setting before shopping for this huge investment for his or her admired ones. Want a diamond ring? Do search the web before shopping for any diamond ring.

Visit Our Official Website @ http://www.labgrowndiamoand.com