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Buy Lab Grown Diamonds For Your Precise Jewelry

Buy Lab Grown Diamonds For Your Precise Jewelry

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Lab grown diamonds

Many of us do not know much about lab grown diamonds- the first thought about this may be that the diamonds may be artificial. This is not so. Lab grown diamonds are produced in the same way as natural diamonds and are of the same (or even better) quality than the mined diamonds. lab Grown diamonds are currently a rather new concept, which many people do not understand yet. At Riddhi Corporation, we want to change the myths related to lab grown diamonds.

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Uniqueness of lab grown diamonds

  • Lab grown diamonds are optically, physically and chemically similar to mined diamonds. In fact, they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds for the naked eye. Special equipments are required to differentiate between mined and lab grown diamonds
  • Mined diamonds generally consist of imperfections within them. These can be traces of other materials or stone within the diamond. However, lab grown diamonds do not have such imperfections.
  • Many rare colored gems which are not easily found in mines can be produced with the best qualities in a lab. This includes pink, green, red and yellow diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds Collection.jpg

How lab grown diamond being valued?

As mentioned earlier, Lab grown diamonds are the same as mined ones. That’s why they are valued in the same way mined diamonds are. They are cut, planned and polished to perfection just like mined diamonds. In fact, they are much cheaper than mined diamonds and are free from controversies of climate change and unethical sourcing that mined diamonds are famous for.


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