HPHT/CVD Diamond, Lab Created Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Man Made Diamond

GIA Certified HPHT Diamonds For Sale

GIA Certified HPHT Diamonds For Sale

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There are two ways in which lab grown diamonds are produced. High Pressure High Temperature or HPHT diamonds are produced mimicking nature. Carbon is exposed to high temperatures in excess of 1400 Degrees Celcius and given high pressure to get diamonds that are of much better quality than mined diamonds. The other way diamonds are lab produced is through the Chemical Vapour Deposition process or CVD where methane and hydrogen are heated in a vacuum chamber at extremely low pressures. This results in the formation of diamonds which are free from any chemical inclusions or other impurities.

Why should I buy HPHT diamonds?

Even though HPHT diamonds are made in the lab they are technically diamonds. They are optically, physically and chemically characterized as diamonds. Except with professional help, it is impossible to make out the difference between lab created HPHT diamonds and mined diamonds. The cherry on the cake is that these lab produced diamonds are much cheaper than their mined counterparts.

Lab Grown Diamonds.jpg

HPHT diamonds


  • HPHT diamonds are ‘true’ diamonds, i.e. they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds.
  • They are cheaper than mined diamonds
  • HPHT diamonds are of the best quality available- They are of much better quality than mined diamonds


  • HPHT diamonds tend to be magnetic
  • These stones can show hints of colour from the side on close inspection.
  • Many times these stones are mis sold as high quality diamonds to command a better price.

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