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Pure Carbon Lab Grown Diamond Collection

Pure Carbon Lab Grown Diamond Collection

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For many, the diamond is a status symbol of wealth and power. Many famous celebrities sport diamond jewelry on the red carpet and other parties, popularizing its use among the masses. Most of the diamonds available currently are mined ones, which leave a large impact on the environment and are not eco-friendly. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, do not have any such notions- they are pure man made diamonds.

Lab created diamonds vs. mined diamonds

Although grown in a controlled lab environment, lab created diamonds are physically, optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds. They are much cheaper than natural mined diamonds whose supply is controlled by an oligopoly of companies led by the DeBeers Group.  Natural mined diamonds are formed deep in the Earth’s crust where they are subject to extreme pressure and temperature which helps to form diamonds. Lab created diamonds are manufactured using similar technologies with better results. However, there are always some inclusions in the diamonds in the form of nitrogen or other minerals. Natural mined diamonds vary with colour, clarity and other characteristics of the diamond, on the other hand, lab grown diamonds have a clear set of consistent characteristics as they are produced in controlled environments.

Generally speaking, mined diamonds are not rare. As mentioned earlier their production is controlled by a select group of people to ensure its high price. Lab created diamonds do not have such legacy issues attached to them and are about 30-40% cheaper than mined diamonds.

Diamonds were not that popular with the masses early in the twentieth century. The credit for popularizing the diamond for engagement rings go to the DeBeers group, which ran a hugely successful media campaign popularizing diamonds for engagement rings-first in the US, then in Europe and finally in the rest of the world. The diamond has now come to symbolize wealth, power and femininity among all the cultures in the world. That’s why imitation jewellery with diamonds is also very popular, especially by women across South Asia.

Due to this control of prices by DeBeers led oligopoly, there has been a slight reduction in the demand for diamond. Thanks to Lab created diamonds, this change is being reversed. Slowly but surely the demand for lab created diamonds is taking over that of mined diamonds. In fact there are even cases where labs created diamonds have cannibalized the demand for mined diamonds.

Even though Man made lab created diamonds are much cheaper than mined diamonds, there is very little awareness about this in the minds of the general public Many of them do not even know that diamonds can be made in a controlled lab environment. We at Riddhi Diamond want to help people choose the right lab grown diamonds for the right time at the right price. We are on a mission to ensure that most of the people looking to invest in a diamond get the right product for themselves.  For this, we are building a dedicated team to help achieve this task.

At Riddhi Diamonds, we have a full fledged Research and Development Team of 15 specialists who are working round the clock to ensure that they can give us the best quality diamonds at an affordable price. So the next time you need a diamond, feel free to contact Riddhi Diamond.


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