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Pure Carbon Lab Created Diamond For Sale

Pure Carbon Lab Created Diamond For SaleLab Created Diamond Online Collection For Sale

A diamond, whether it is a mined diamond or a man made diamond is well known for its sparkle, its illumination and its shine. A well cut diamond is always appreciated, looking the best in jewelry. Getting the right stone can be a cumbersome process, due to the fact that there are so many types of diamonds available in the market. If you are a novice buyer of diamonds, you are sure to get confused with the various types of cuts, colors and clarity parameters of diamonds.

This lack of knowledge is used by unscrupulous retailers to sell innocent buyers jacked up prices of mined diamonds. At Riddhi Export, we have developed lab created diamonds which are consistent in its quality and parameters. You can choose from a variety of diamonds which suits your tastes and requirements.

Mined diamonds are hard to source- their supply is controlled by an oligopoly controlled by the DeBeers Group.  Mined diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and their price is partly determined by how clear the diamond is- how less inclusions the diamond has. This makes the sale of mined diamonds tricky. That is why, we at Riddhi exports encourage you to check our lab grown diamonds. You would say- Doesn’t it mean that these diamonds are artificial? No, they are produced using state of the art manufacturing processes which mimic the way the diamond is produced naturally. The end results are diamonds which are physically, optically and chemically the same as mined diamonds without the inclusions that mined diamonds generally consist of.

To the naked eye, the difference between mined diamonds and man made diamonds are indistinguishable. The differentiation can be done only with the help of specialized equipment and the expertise of expert professionals in the diamond industry.

We at Riddhi Export want to spread awareness among people about the benefits of buying lab grown diamonds as against the more expensive mined diamonds. We are always there for our clients and we want our clients to always have the best quality of diamonds available, only with us, Riddhi Exports. Do feel free to contact us whenever you need to have diamonds. Cheers!


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